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Editing remarks


All of the text in the program remarksĀ is editable and available by selecting the "Edit" item from the main menu. Basic data is static and the first column is the description only. No additional records can be added because the data is required and used as is. All of the other tabs contain data which is selected randomly and additional records can be added up to 999 rows maximum.

With the split line items, the phrase inputted during run time is inserted between the two strings. See image attachment below.

Items from lists numbered one are used the first time the phrase is run and those numbered two subsequent times. For example, Content1 is first and Content2 after.

Special Case is the data the program uses when users says "no" more than 3 times. Every time a question is answered "yes" it adds one to the counter. The data is sorted so more efficient questions are asked first. Less efficient will sink to the bottom of the list. The higher the persistence level is set the more questions will be asked to the right. If the end of the list is reached it goes back to the top.

EditBox.JPG EditBox.JPG

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